Surprise Adult Soccer Jersey 3-Month Subscription

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Love soccer shirts and surprises? Then you have come to the right place!

This subscription gives you one of our mystery boxes each month, for three months, at a discounted price, as a 'thank you' for your loyalty! Your shirt will be sent out to you on the date that you placed the order, each month. This date can be changed at any time. The cost for these three boxes is up front - this is to make this subscription perfect as a gift option!

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping costs for all 3 jerseys are included in the price.

In one Surprise Shirts mystery box you will receive:

  • One brand new football shirt (with tags) from any club or nation around the world. The shirt can be from any season but tends to be within the last 10 years
  • One 'info sheet' explaining the story behind the soccer jersey
  • One Surprise Shirts card explaining details of our regular giveaways
  • Tissue paper gift wrapping and some free candy as a thank you from us!

As kit manufacturers have varying sizes, if in any doubt over sizing, please refer to our size guide. If on the border of two sizes, we strongly recommend choosing the larger. Our sizing is UK Size, please contact us with any questions regarding this.

Christmas Delivery

We are now past our Christmas Guarantee Date. We can no longer guarantee that any orders placed now will arrive before Christmas, however we will try our best to fulfil as many orders as possible. We thank you for your understanding.